Burgundy, France


The Talmard vineyard, planted with Chardonnay grapes, is located in some of the villages of Southern Burgundy.

Macon uchizy bottle

Skill and love of the vine are the key words of the Talmard family - their surname has been found mentioned as far back as the 17th century. Some of the vines were grafted and planted by Mallory’s grandfather, Joseph Talmard.

The Talmard Family

In 1997, Paul Talmard passed the baton to his daughter Mallory and his son-in-law Benjamin who have been able to make the Uchizy business prosper on the 40 hectares of this wine estate.


To find out more, visit the Cave Talmard website.


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Maison Gardet was established in the late 19th century when Charles Gardet, an entrepreneurial wine merchant, founded his House in Epernay. In the 1930s, his son Georges Gardet moved to Chigny-les-Roses to continue the tradition and develop the Champagne Gardet brand. The Prieux family, who has been working in the arboriculture and wine sectors for years, is now the proud owner of the House. Deeply attached to its roots in the Champagne region, Maison Gardet combines 21st century technology with the tradition inspired by the founder of the House, to produce champagnes of outstanding quality.

In order to maintain the quality and character of its champagnes year after year, Maison Gardet takes advantage of the latest technological innovations to master every parameter of “méthode champenoise” winemaking. This winemaking process is the key step in turning grapes into a heavenly drink; therefore, it is adapted to each of our cuvees to get the finest champagne.

The House produces champagnes in accordance with the very strict AOC rules and traditions. It is very much committed to the environment and quality and supports its team to operate in the most environmentally friendly way the quality and food safety policy.

Visit the Gardet website.


We have a selection of the famous ‘Blue Label’ wines from Urbina celebrate wines from Rioja of the very highest quality, aged at the Bodega and bottled upon release.

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Bodegas Benito Urbina is a family-owned, Single Estate, situated in Cuzcurrita de Rio Tirón, on the north western edge of Rioja Alta, Northern Spain. It is an area that produces wines with a great capacity for ageing, and is therefore excellent for the production of Reservas and Gran Reservas.

They own 75 hectares of vineyards where terroir plays an essential role in their vineyards: clay-calcareous soils on the right bank of the river Tiron are ideal for wines which undergo the lengthy ageing process characteristic of the Urbina wines, clay-ferrous soils in the villages of Urunuela-Cenicero are perfect for their younger wines and finally sandy-limestone on the left bank of the river Tirón close to Haro, are suitable for the Urbina wines positioned between these previous two.

Four generations have been dedicated to the cultivation of the vineyards and production of wine since 1870. Their sole objective, the production of quality wines, is achieved by careful viticulture using traditional techniques, harvesting by hand, the application of organic fertilizers only, avoiding the use of weed killers and pesticides, and the use of indigenous yeasts.

Visit the Bodegas Benito Urbina website.

The Cotswolds

Copper Lion Gin
Copper Lion Gin
Copper Lion Gin

Angus and Minnie have spent the past five years chipping away at their big plan to build an English Gin & Whisky Distillery. When they met, Angus was making plans to set up a distillery and Minnie was working as a distiller. They quickly realised they had a shared obsession for creating truly exceptional spirits and together they could create something to be really proud of.

As whisky drinkers, they were determined to design a gin with the balance, complexity and texture to be drunk on its own, as well as mixed. In their new distillery in the heart of the Cotswolds, Minnie has spent a year perfecting Copper Lion and balancing its 12 botanicals to create their immaculate Copper Lion London Dry Gin.

After studying Biology at Oxford, Minnie mainly did scientific research. On a tour of a Scottish whisky distillery her analytical mind became obsessed with the process of how so many styles of whisky are made from what is essentially a very simple set of ingredients and a very strict set of rules. She then studied distilling as well as gained experience making a range of spirits by hand, including several styles of whiskies and gins. It was in the Echlinville Distillery in Northern Ireland that Minnie had her first encounter with a sipping gin.

Angus has, for a long time, harboured an ambition to build his own distillery. He inherited a love of whisky from both his grandfathers and his distillery aspirations were strengthened when he met some of the early English whisky distillery pioneers in their formative years. Copper is an essential ingredient in the distillation process for removing sulphur compounds and achieving a high quality spirit.

A sample of each batch of their gin is sent for independent assessment to their gin consultant and they have very ambitious plans to build their own off-grid, 100% renewable-energy powered distillery.

To find out more, visit the Copper Lion website.

Copper Lion Gin
Copper Lion Gin
Copper Lion Gin

The Cotswolds

Beeble make quality spirits, sweetened with a dash of Wiltshire honey.

The Beeble whisky was born from a desire to minimise waste from the hives at their home in the Cotswolds. It was one of those things that people couldn’t get enough of when they first took it to our local farmer’s market, embodying the smooth whisky and rich honey flavours at the same time.

To find out more, visit the Beeble website.

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beeble event image
beeble event image


We are a small family-run craft producer with a history in fruit growing. In 2015 their family barn burnt down. Forged from the fire and smoke of that day comes Burning Barn Rum. Their flavours are inspired by this fiery origin – spiced rum with real heat in it and a smoked rum born from the smouldering embers and honey rum created from our own beehives.


A terrible fire which destroyed her father-in-law’s toffee apple business inspired Katherine Jenner to launch a brand of rum that boasts not only a distinctive name but also a highly individual, winning taste.

“Watching my father-in-law overcome the devastation of the business he had taken 35 years to build up and rebuild it again was inspirational,” said Katherine. “It inspired me and my husband Harry to start a business of our own.”

Katherine and Harry started off by experimenting with creating different flavours in their kitchen. They realised that they had found “something pretty amazing” after using apples to produce a smoked rum.

They use a French Savalle still, a Wooden Coffey still and a Double Wooden Pot still, known as the Port Mourant. The rum is then matured in the Caribbean heat for two to three years in American oak casks that once held Bourbon whisky.

Our hero Burning Barn’s hero product is Smoked rum, which is made using apple wood harvested from the farm’s old orchards. The brand’s Spiced rum is made by infusing hand roasted vanilla, coconut, all spice, ginger and chilli. Flavouring, filtering and bottling is all done by Katherine and Harry on the farm.

To find out more, visit the Burning Barn Rum website.

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Burning Barn Rum image
Burning Barn Rum  image

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